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A cross dressed sissy in pantyhose is nabbed on the stairs by Rachel Steele. She uses him for 27 minutes, attaching nipple clamps and making him fuck and suck before bending him over and loosening up his backside for Her strap-on. Mistress Rachel Steele, resplendent in black corset, black shiny boots and dark pantyhose, fondles slut Tosha in the stairway. She knows he has been up to no good and surely has to pay for wearing Her stockings. She attaches clips to his nipples, ties his hands behind him with pantyhose and orders him to fuck Her huge breasts as they dangle obscenely out of Her tight corset. She gets him all worked up and then bends over and rips the pantyhose away from Her pussy. With the backside of Her pantyhose now ripped open and Her pussy exposed, Mistress Rachel bends low and teases the slut. He is ordered to put his cock in and he fumbles around and tries to fuck Her from the back, not very hard it goes in but She is not happy so She turns and smacks the hell out of his cock which makes it hard. She spreads and he fucks Her then is ordered to tongue Her wet pussy off. Tired now of his inadequate attempts to please Her, She bends him over the stairs and loosens up his ass with a dildo. Having allowed the slut a chance to please Her, and he failing miserably, Mistress Rachel straps-on. Her black boots click on the tile floor as She steps forward and orders him to suck Her cock. She drives the black rubber dick down his throat and then orders him to kneel on the stairs and fucks him in the ass. She sits down and tells him to impale himself. She pulls his nipple clamps and squeezes his cock as the slut slides up and down Her strap-on. Pushing him off after using him, She is tired of him.

This is for those who called or emailed us for unedited angles from the Hellfire films. There's plenty of catfight action and the angles unedited. We tried to pick the best fights. This is the material you never get to see because it's edited out.

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